Realtors may wonder how a real estate attorney could help them through a real estate transaction.  In truth, the best solution for clients is to have both a realtor and a real estate attorney, as they can complement one another, making it almost a certainty that the client will be properly protected during the transaction. While a realtor is more likely to know about specific neighborhoods and have access to MLS—so they know the minute a property comes on the market—realtors are not licensed to provide legal advice or answer a legal question (even if they know the answer).

There are many instances when legal knowledge is simply a necessity during a real estate transaction. As an example, what if the buyer wants to know the ramifications of a shared driveway easement? Real estate deals can be complicated transactions, and nobody wants to end up facing legal troubles when buying or selling a home. A real estate attorney from Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. can help realtors in many ways and are able to take over after a selling or purchase price and terms have been established in the contract.

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What Can a Real Estate Attorney Do for Realtors?

After the Realtor has helped the buyer or seller decide on a property and has put together a real estate contract, a real estate attorney can then negotiate repairs and other adjustments to the terms of the contract after the home inspection has been completed. When last-minute issues crop up—as they so often do before or during closing—a real estate attorney can take care of those issues while ensuring the client’s interests—as well as the realtor’s interests—are being properly looked after. While a realtor can do many things while helping clients find the perfect property—whether they are buying or selling—there are simply too many potential legal issues buyers and sellers may find themselves facing which is why having a real estate attorney on board is in everyone’s best interests.

Are There Times When a Real Estate Attorney is Even More Important?

While most buyers and sellers can potentially benefit from having a real estate attorney involved in their real estate transaction, there are some instances when it is even more important, such as:

  • The buyer or seller is from out-of-town
  • The buyer is purchasing a property that is a short sale or is bank-owned.
  • The area where the client is buying or selling is considered “problematic,” i.e., it is an area that is known for toxicity levels, it is in a flood zone, etc.
  • The property being purchased or sold has known structural issues
  • The client is purchasing or selling a commercial property
  • The client is an heir to a property or executor of a property that must be sold after the owner’s death
  • The client is attempting to sell a property with an uncooperative co-owner
  • The seller has liens on the property in question

If any of these scenarios apply to your particular situation, it could be extremely beneficial for you to hire a highly-skilled real estate attorney to oversee the real estate transaction.

How the Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. Real Estate Attorneys Can Help Realtors 

At Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C., our team members are the best in their fields with a level of training that allows them to handle virtually any situation. We work hand in hand with realtors to take the guesswork out of the process. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients are well-taken care of and that you look good to the home buyer or seller. We believe in a true team approach, focused on building relationships with real estate professionals. Contact Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. today!

What Sets Us Apart

The highlight of our practice is the people within it, our team members are the very best in their fields with adequate training to make sure that they know how to handle situations. Their top most priority is your comfort and your win.

Our Role

  • Familiarize your situation
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  • Keep the client up to date on all matters concerning their case
  • To be the client’s biggest advocate and offer unrelenting support
  • To strive and do all that is possible to ensure victory

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