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As we all probably know, some court orders can be modified, and there are others which cannot be modified at all. Child custody, parenting time, and spousal maintenance are only some of the orders that can be changed as long as you have a continuous change in circumstances. Modifications can either be inexpensive when both parents agree on any change, or they can have various court proceedings if they fail to reach an understanding.

Like we mentioned earlier, there needs to be a continual change of circumstances and in this case, a change of circumstances that results in a 15% difference in the child support amount is considered to be the amount at which any modification might be possible.

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Our child support and custody lawyers have established that parenting time can be changed over time since it is dependent on the child’s requirements, which can be changed as well. As they get older, they might want to spend more time with one of the parents; this way, the court can make decisions to change the orders. The case is the same with child support laws in the case of legal separation of parents.

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