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Real estate law is an especially unique area; at Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C., we work hard to safeguard buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals during real estate transactions. Our real estate team understands the crucial nature of real estate transactions, so we give our all to make the process smooth. We carefully monitor the buying, selling, and usage of property to ensure they abide by all applicable laws. While much of the work we do will be behind the scenes, the end result is that our clients garner peace of mind knowing we are overseeing every detail.


Real Estate Law in Illinois

The process of buying a home has become increasingly complex over the years. When mistakes occur, they can be costly to both buyers and sellers. Simple possession of land and structures is no longer the norm, plus the laws of various cities and counties within our state are rarely consistent. The demands on Illinois real estate lawyers include a very focused approach on each and every transaction, whether it be a simple title transfer or a much more complex eminent domain problem. These are in addition to the “usual” purchase and sale of properties. 

How We Help Buyers

As a buyer, perhaps you have already submitted an offer to purchase before bringing an experienced real estate attorney on board. Although most contracts allow for an approval/modification contingency that grants your attorney a reasonable period of time to review and revise (if necessary) the terms of the offer, doing so can be deemed a counteroffer, which is why it is an even better idea to have your real estate attorney on board from the very beginning. It is worth noting that, should you sign a contract that does not contain an attorney review contingency, you could find yourself obligated to buy the property regardless of any valid reason you might have to terminate the contract. While much of your real estate attorney’s work may be behind the scenes, we can do the following for buyers (whether first-time homebuyers or more seasoned investors):

  • We can fully explain our role in the overall process, as well as walk you through each step of the purchase process.
  • We will negotiate a contract to purchase, then draft the contract—or review a contract from a real estate agent or an attorney for the seller.
  • We can assist you in having a home inspection done, then can negotiate any repair issues related to that inspection.
  • We will thoroughly examine the title commitment and survey to ensure there will be no surprises when you sign the final papers.
  • If there are any contingencies associated with your purchase contract, we will fully explain those contingencies as well as monitor the deadlines and ensure the contingencies are fully met.
  • We can explain your financing options related to your new mortgage, as well as verify all closing costs, including tax prorations.
  • We will attend the closing with you so that you know you are not signing anything that is not exactly as you believed it to be. During closing, we will review all your loan documents and thoroughly explain them to you.
  • Following your closing, we will carefully check your final title insurance policy and deed to ensure accuracy. 

How We Help Sellers and Real Estate Professionals

At Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C., we help sellers in Illinois in the same manner as we help buyers. Particularly, in special circumstances such as, the seller has an outstanding lien on his or her home, the sale is a joint sale with someone other than the spouse, the sale is for an inherited home, the seller is the executor or Trustee for a deceased person, or the sale is a short sale due to foreclosure proceedings. We work hand-in-hand with real estate professionals, never usurping their job, rather complementing their work so that we are all on the same page, serving the client.

If you are planning to buy or sell a piece of property, or you are a real estate professional, the Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. real estate attorneys can help you through any real estate transaction you may be involved in. We understand that buying or selling a house could be the biggest financial transaction of your life, so will always go the extra mile to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the process while protecting your interests. Contact Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. today for all your real estate needs.

What Sets Us Apart

The highlight of our practice is the people within it, our team members are the very best in their fields with adequate training to make sure that they know how to handle situations. Their topmost priority is your comfort and your win.

Our Role

  • Familiarize your situation
  • Impart logically sound advice, tailored to your case
  • Keep the client up to date on all matters concerning their case
  • To be the client’s biggest advocate and offer unrelenting support
  • To strive and do all that is possible to ensure victory

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