Spousal Support

Now you might be wondering what maintenance is, well, maintenance is often known as alimony. Maintenance is spousal support from one spouse to the other, usually during and after the divorce process, for assessment. These payments usually proceed till the death of either spouse or any date decided by the judge or in the case of remarriage of any spouse. It’s no secret that besides the wealthy, it is a burden to make payments to support not one household but two.

Meanwhile, for the one receiving payments, dependency on an ex-spouse can be quite luxurious; they can even pay for child support. Hence, it is quite important to manage your finances accordingly; that is one process that we can help with by making sure you understand how this is calculated.

Calculating business expenses

Be In The Know

It’s difficult to live without the support of your spouse, which is why our firm offers the best divorce attorney who will ensure that your finances planned out and managed in an efficient way post-divorce. Trust us, we know how sensitive the topic about spouses is right after a divorce, so our divorce lawyers handle every client with patience and care that won’t pressurize you. Each case does come with financial circumstances that are specific to each client, which is why we work closely with each one to come up with a suitable plan.

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The highlight of our practice is the people within it, our team members are the very best in their fields with adequate training to make sure that they know how to handle situations. Their topmost priority is your comfort and your win.

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  • To be the client’s biggest advocate and offer unrelenting support
  • To strive and do all that is possible to ensure victory

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