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At Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C., we truly care that you and your family feel at ease because you’re prepared for anything, and we’re here to help. Please download your guide for the top five essential things you should know about estate planning during these uncertain times below:


In addition to the information above, we want you to know just how we’re prepared to guide you through this process. Preparing for the worst is a difficult thing to do. Especially right now, during the outbreak of COVID-19, we understand why you are thinking about it and have questions. We as experienced attorneys know how to have the conversations you should be having in order to plan to take care of the rest of your family or loved ones and plan for the worst-case scenario. Here’s some information we think you should know:

Proper estate planning also includes directives for health care and property should you become incapacitated but not deceased.

Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. counsels all clients who come in for estate planning to also think about what might happen in the event of incapacity not just death, and then leave proper directives. 

If you have young children, proper estate planning ensures your loved ones are informed of your expressed wishes, including the physical care of your minor children, the financial care of your minor children, and even the financial care of your children as they grow up.

The attorneys at Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. all have children and empathize with the concerns of parents wanting to make sure their children are well-taken care of by the right people with the right mindsets in the event they are no longer there. 

If you don’t have children, or your children are adults with children of their own, proper estate planning allows you to direct how your wealth should be distributed among your friends and family, in what amounts and in what time line.

While the attorneys all have children, they have friends and other family too. The attorneys do understand your concerns about leaving gifts and distributing your assets amongst your friends, or even your favorite charities in the event of your death.  Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. will help you make sure you leave the necessary instructions so that your final wishes are carried out.

What’s the point of a trust?

Excellent question. A trust holds all of your property rather than you holding it individually, so that when you pass, your property can be immediately distributed rather than going through the probate process overseen by a court. Is a trust for you? Call us at Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. to find out. If it’s not for you, the attorneys will certainly advise you of your other avenues for estate planning. 

How can I meet with you while I’m ordered to stay at home?

Another excellent question. Vaclavek Hartman Vaclavek, P.C. is set up to work remotely through telephone and video calling.  We can meet with you in whatever way you feel comfortable to answer your important questions and put your mind at ease.  Drafting is something we can do from anywhere, and then we will arrange remote signing ceremonies.

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