Protecting Both Parties

It’s no secret that the world rates of divorce are increasing rapidly, which is why many people are protecting their financial assets before marriage to avoid the messy process about money and assets during a divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement that both parties sign before marriage, which will determine who has which asset prior. This agreement also determines who will keep anyone asset upon legal separation. The post-nuptial agreement is practically the same thing; however, this agreement is only signed once the marriage is done.

However, as ideal as these agreements may sound, they are not yet legally binding and the court could create their financial aversions from the previously decided ones. We know that this process can be difficult and uncomfortable to discuss with anyone’s spouse; however, at our firm, we try to make this process easier through patience and an open conversation.

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Be In The Know

Our divorce lawyers also ensure that the pre-nuptial agreements are well-written and can protect you under the circumstances of a divorce. Best divorce lawyers will always tell clients to simply file the agreement and put it away to avoid the awkwardness.

What Sets Us Apart

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Our Role

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